US or USSR whom should India support in the geopolitics game?

Lets compare the sins of Russia and us from the past times against India.

Russia Planted few communist agents in india through our education system .Try to mold the minds of Indian students and make it pro-ussrThey try to maximise their interest.Did not give india lecture on ethics and values.Us Colonize our country and enslave us.Starved millions of Indians in artificially crated famines.Steal 50 trillion dollar of our ancestral wealth Divide and rule between hindu and muslimGenocide people.  

Harsh reality and painful to read all this right? But Cannot blame the foreign power but Indian govt didn’t resisted it.

  1. 1971 war – what if ussr had not helped india.

In 1971 ongoing genocide was happening in east Pakistan , which involves , muredering hindus, raping women , intellectuals were targeted. They were basically trying to eradicate Hinduism once and for all . they killed 5 million Bengalis.

Bengalis were running out of their lives and when things go bad no matter where you are from, you want to come to india. even afgan’s today wanting help from Indians as we are the only nation that can save them.

Neverthless coming back to our story,  so to save their lives millions of Bengalis came to india and it became a very huge problem and burden for india to feed so many refugees.

west Pakistan launched air missiles into india and buy doing so they broke the camels back.

We retaliated a military operation todefeat west pak army and liberate the country .

Us intervened at that time and supported the west Pakistan into their bloody genocide game. Us was very well aware about what’s going on still they supported west pak into thie heinous crime.

Us sent American aircraft to intimidate and threaten india in kalinga sea, the bay of Bengal. American aircrafts were there, with dozens of fighter plans and lots of arms and ammunition and submarines.

India could never had controlled and stopped them in doing so if ussr had not supported us. Ussr sent a fleet of nuclear submarines and finally America backed off.

This shows how us tried to humiliate india and break us further into small pieces like division of northeast. If west pak army would have won with the support of America ofcourse then they must have prevailed and enourage to go for Kashmir and take delhi or strike for delhi, this is anyway agreat dream of pak to regain the delhi sultanate.

If Russians didn’t help india would have been broken into pieces and sure parts of india would have under Pakistani control,that’s what us intended for.

When all the odds were stacked against india ,Russians intervened with their aircraft carriers and their strike group were massively powerful militry.

That time india was very poor and this technology didn’t existed . but today india can defeat US using brahmos missiles ,if you know the mathematical threshold of defense and you can obliterate an entire aircraft carrier using cruise missiles.

This is how USSR has helped India in past in multiple times, in multiple locations in recurring basis. Of course they are doing it for their own interest but this is how geopolitics work. Russians also support India in UN security council by using their VETO power whenever required.

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